Alpha version
BOT of Crypto Team .

Our bot send news as private messages to user with special filters

(Our news-bot for discord-groups see on

How connect to bot

Write private message to CryptoTeamBOT (see bot at our discord) with text invitecode=425632

How to use

First step of use - write help to bot and read answer from bot with list of commands with examples of it using.

Examples of commands:

tags=newcoin/gpu -newcoin/nicehash - only new coins with GPU and without NiceHash
tags=airdrop/ - only airdrops
tags=newcoin/gpu -newcoin/nicehash airdrop/ posmncoin/ - new coins with GPU and without NiceHash, also airdrops and POS/MN-coins


It is alpha version of our bot and it can contains bugs.

About bugs please write to admin of CryptoTeam - Ilya#4494 (our discord).

Bot free only for alpha version.

Invite code at this page not allow get info from premium sections of our discord.

Users who significantly help test this bot will receive a premium account for a month or more